Sea Guard

Sea Guard 2.0

A great action war game for estrategic shooting agains enemies
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Sea guard will entertain you as a great arcade war game. This game will ask you to subscribe. The main screen allows you to choose to Star the game, options, high scores and help. As options you can choose to display full screen, set music, sound and your country. Your main objective as a military boat is to destroy your opponent at land and sea. In order to control and navigate all you need is your keyboard, arrow keys left and right will move your ship, up and down will rotate your gun to point your enemy, space bar will select a gun, control will fire and escape will exit the game. you can also move you move to move the ship, left button to fire, right to select a gun. You will find enemies like tanks, rockets and cutters, if you destroy them, each will give you different bonus score points, coins or weapons. In the game you have some allies in the air like bombardiers and cargo. Move fast and kill all your enemies on time to reach new levels, and don´t let your enemy shoot you, your damage can take lives out and game will be over.

Birgilio Rivera
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  • Music and sound makes action very interesting


  • Scenarios are basic and without special moves
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